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Brake Testers Ensure Safe Driving Conditions for Vehicles

One of the most critical pieces of vehicle inspection and service is making sure that the brakes on a car are working properly. To test this, equipment called brake testers are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the vehicle’s brakes that allow the car to stop when engaged in doing so. This equipment can be used on new models to test before they do to the dealerships, but they also can be used for repairs in shops and garages as well. 

These testers measure the dynamometers (units used to measure the amount of force generated by engines) to see if there is enough power and grip in the brakes to stop the vehicle when it is in motion. We all know what can happen when brakes fail. These testers are especially important when it comes to larger trucks that are constantly carrying heavy loads on roads and highways every day. The importance of brakes functioning on these vehicles correctly doesn’t need to be explained. 

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P.R. Streich and Sons is committed to our clients as well as their clients that they serve. Our brake testers are incredibly accurate. We only carry products that we believe are durable and reliable because we know that your business, your reputation, and in these cases, people’s lives could be at stake. We take that seriously. 

When the time comes to find new brake testers, look no further than our team. We promise you won’t find a company that is more dedicated to its clients than we are. Our family-owned business has spent over 70 years learning, advising, installing, repairing, and servicing the industry with automotive equipment. Call us today for all of your brake testing equipment needs. 

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