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Our Air Compressors Set Themselves Apart with Reliability and Cost Efficiency

In this line of work, we know that having reliable air compressors are equivalent to having running water and electricity. When working on vehicles, you need your tools such as air drills, blowguns, air chisels, and more to be working at optimal performance in order to service your customers well. This is where our air compressors come in. 

With options for vertical, horizontal, or base mounted compressors, regardless of what works best for you, we’ve got it. These air compressors are strategically designed to accommodate the demands of the automotive market.  Regardless or the tool you’re using our compressors will give you the exact amount of pressure you need without releasing lots of moisture. Because of this, you won’t experience common issues such as lower pressure, and you won’t need to drain your compressor as often as you might with other air compressor brands. 

With additional features such as compact sizing to take up less room in your workspace and low noise levels, we know you’ll love your efficient air compressors from P.R. Streich and Sons. 

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With over 70 years in the industry, we have perfected the process of determining the right products for you. In addition to installations, we also provide unmatched service and maintenance to the equipment you already have. Our extensive inventory of hard-to-find parts make us a valuable partner to work with. We’ll walk with your space and provide recommendations based on what your needs are. We have provided a variety of clients including mechanic shops, dealerships, municipalities, and more with equipment that allows them to best serve their customers. Don’t wait any longer; better products are just a phone call away. Call P.R. Streich and Sons today!

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